Dear Natalie: Week 5

Dear Natalie,

This week we said our farewells to your grandparents and your aunt as they made their way to Knoxville, Tennessee, and Great Falls, Montana, respectively. They all stopped by to see us (mostly you, if we’re being honest), and saying goodbye was quite emotional. I’ve never lived far away from my family, so it makes me sad that they won’t be close by for you. I know that they’ll still see you grow, thanks to the magic of FaceTime and other wonders of the internet, but they’re definitely sad that they can’t just stop by for a quick visit, scoop you up, and shower you with hugs and kisses.

You, my dear, have been –how shall I put this– a bit of a pill this week. We know it’s not your fault. Whether it’s a wonder week, a growth spurt, or just plain ‘ole being a newborn, it’s tough for you. Everything is still so new and you’re growing so quickly, so of course it’s all a huge adjustment. You’re eating constantly and fighting sleep as hard as you possibly can. You only want to be held and fuss when we try to put you in your bouncer when you’re still awake. This too shall pass, I tell myself, but for now it’s tough.

I want so badly to make everything better for you, and that’s difficult when we can’t figure out what’s wrong. And especially difficult on just a few hours of sleep. So forgive me, sweet girl, if in my bleary-eyed, exhausted state I’m not doing exactly the right things. Eventually we muddle through. But that’s parenting, right? Just doing the best we can with what we have, with lots of love.

Always with lots of love,



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